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»Cycle Map« is a community for aspiring cyclists, where users, whether beginners or aspiring professionals, can improve their performance.
A detailed pace analysis helps document body data collected during training and provides insight into strengths and weaknesses of past rides.
There is the option to create your own routes with the route planner or to explore routes of other users.
In order to find the route that best suits the user, there is a categorization of bicycles.The first type of bike is the city bike, under which you can find routes that are well manageable with everyday bikes. The second type of bike is the road bike for longer routes and the last type is the mountain bike, under which you can find routes off the road. If the routes of the other users are too challenging or too easy, it is possible to adapt them in length and difficulty.
The continuity of training for improvement is particularly important, which is why there are training groups with common training plans. At the end of a training plan there is a tournament for registration, which is organized by »Cycle Map«. The store offers reviews from athletes about their used equipment, which can be purchased there. Tutorials and educational articles with tips and tricks are also available for reading. The goal is to attract a new younger generation to cycling, which will develop with the platform.

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