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»Infrequent« is a 2D platformer set in a post-antropocene era, where we look into the life of a Bitak*, which is trying to preserve the fragile ecological system with its life forms. The irregular deliveries of the garbage trucks from the nearby factory are steadily increasing and are beginning to leave traces in nature and the robots AI.
*The factory produces biotechnical robots also the model series »Bitak«. It is itself completely automated and operates according to the environmentally harmful programming of humans, which, however, no longer exists as a purely biological life form.
The Bitak tries to shut down the factory. On his journey he finds the environmentally harmful production sites, which he wishes to halt. But is it possible that the factory and its garbage is connected to his existence?
This Bitak is the only bio-tech in its region, which is why, unlike its environment, he can regenerate the damage caused by the corrosive waste. In his search for answers he penetrates the factory. As he makes his way past the dangerous factory robots and past the individual parts produced there, he begins to understand that all the waste is created for the production of his model. In the control room of the factory there is a 3d scanner with a Bitak inside. But by scanning another object the program of the factory can be overwritten. 

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