Interactive Energy

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An interactive simulation to help understand the real power capacity of power plants and energy storages to be able to supply an average city with electricity.
The creation of an interactive Infographic for energy consumption.
"Interactive Energy" is a simulation in which different electricity generators are compared in their performance. The aim is to understand the power capacity of the individual producers and energy storages by supplying a city with electricity and to avoid a surplus of electricity. For traditional power plants, the Co2 emissions are depicted. For renewable energies, the changing weather conditions that can affect efficiency are taken into account. The goal is to visualize the scale of modern power plants and energy storages to contribute substance to a discourse about future power generation on the base of data and facts.
Impressions from the winter semester exhibition 2020 at university.
115 pages to document the journey from the first ideas to the final outcome.
Selection of the storyboard sketches and visual ideas, the blueprint of the Projekt.
Division of work Paul Frohn concept, sketches, editorial, layout, Unity implementation 
Erik Lindemann 3D modeling
© Paul Frohn, Erik Lindemann in class by Prof. Eva Vitting | FH Aachen 2020
cooperation of data preparation

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